Math Quizzer Support



Q: Is the Jason Fox Math Quizzer appropriate for younger kids?

A: Not entirely, but not for the usual reasons. The app is rated 4+ by Apple because it doesn’t have anything violent or objectionable in it, but the cartoons used as periodic rewards contain a lot of advanced math terms that will likely go over the heads of younger kids, plus if the child is too young for basic math operations, it won’t be much fun. Bill wrote the jokes to be at about the same level of nerdy sophistication as his newspaper comic strip, and FoxTrot generally starts appealing to kids at around age nine. But if a child is younger and wants to use it, there’s nothing inappropriate per se.


Q: What about adults? Is the app super juvenile?

A: Bill’s goal was to make the app fun and challenging enough for kids, teens AND adults who were fans of math or just wanted a way to practice the basics. Most adults will find the easy difficulty setting too easy, and the medium difficulty about right. With hard difficulty, most people will need a piece of scrap paper handy, and with Jason difficulty, that’s all but guaranteed. The faux homemade and juvenile look of the app is part of its charm, we think.


Q: I erased my saved stats even after it gave me a warning message explaining that this action couldn’t be undone. Is there a way to restore them somehow?

A: Um…


Q: Why does the app require iOS7 or later? It’s not exactly using cutting edge features.

A: Bill opted to target the newest iOS version to make his life coding and testing it easier. This is his first app, and he felt getting SOMEthing out the door was preferable to taking so long that iOS8 would be on the verge of coming out.


Q: Will there be an Android version someday?

A: We don’t know yet. It’s possible, but no promises.


Q: Will Bill make other iOS apps?

A: We’re not sure. He’s not sure. And since he likes to work in secret, he probably wouldn’t tell anyone even if he was.


To report a bug or for additional support, please e-mail us at: quizapp (ATSIGN) foxtrot (PERIOD) com